The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe aims to provide free professional apparel to students on Cornell’s campus so that students of all economic backgrounds have an equal opportunity to develop their interests. The Wardrobe will grow to feature suits, shirts, skirts, ties, shoes, and more to allow all Cornellians to feel confident in professional settings. 

The Problem

The majority of student organization interviews and corporate events on Cornell’s campus require professional attire, which is often an expense that low-income students are unable to pay. Additionally, students on Cornell’s campus are often barred from going on interviews for certain jobs because they lack the clothing they need to succeed. It is estimated that roughly 50% of undergraduate students at Cornell receive some form of financial aid to help cover the costs of tuition, meaning that they have little disposable income to spend on items like professional clothing. 

The Solution

The Wardrobe will launch its pilot program in the spring semester of 2017. Students in need will be able to rent smaller items like ties, belts, and shoes, while suits will be given out on a permanent basis so that they can be individually tailored.  

Your gift will allow us to build the inventory we need so all students have equal opportunities to benefit from Cornell's extraordinary education.