CAAAN of San Diego is the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network associated with the San Diego alumni club. This group of alumni volunteers assists the Cornell admissions community in recruiting superior undergraduate applicants. CAAAN members are involved in a variety of activities, the biggest of which is contacting local candidates who have applied to Cornell for admission. The purpose of these conversations is to help the student learn more about Cornell, provide a positive perspective on the University, and accumulate additional information about the applicant. Other activities include helping staff college fairs, liaising with high schools, and hosting a reception for accepted students.

During the summer, the San Diego CAAAN community holds a send-off party for the newest members of Cornell's freshmen class. This annual event represents the culmination of our local recruiting efforts. 

CAAAN volunteers find their work rewarding. Feedback from enrolled students has indicated that contact with alumni during the application process significantly influenced their decision to enroll at Cornell.

If you would like to support Cornell in the San Diego community, please consider becoming a CAAAN volunteer. You can join the local team by contacting the San Diego CAAAN co-chairs, Lisa Cao and Peter Carrera.